Top 9 Things To Do in Pinetop Lakeside

Located 7,000 ft above sea level in the heart of Arizona’s White Mountains, Pinetop-Lakeside is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty. Hiking and biking are two popular ways to explore our lush forests and mountain sides which make up both the Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest as well as Fort Apache Reservation. The city has also been named one of America‚Äôs 10 best towns for hiking! For adventure seekers who want more than just a leisurely hike or bike ride through nature there are plenty other opportunities available such as hunting, fishing & camping with picnic facilities nearby.

The White Mountains offer more than just epic views from its peaks; it also offers an expansive amount of hiking paths all throughout the mountains – The White Mountain Trail System is a popular destination for mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners alike. The system has 180 miles of well-developed trails with some being multiuse which makes it the perfect place to explore different ways of enjoying nature.


Enjoy the shade of pine trees on a hike through this beautiful, easy-to-navigate area. With over 180 miles total worth of trails for you to explore, and no shortage of spots perfect for picnicking while taking in views or enjoying an evening sunset – Pinetop Lakeside has something that’s just right for hikers of any skill level.


All bicyclists love taking advantage of all the different types of trails in The White Mountain Trail Network; from easier-to-ride flat paths or shorter loops over mountainous terrain – there is truly something out here for everyone! These pristine corridors offer scenic glimpses into lush forested areas where you can spot deer or elk at dusk trotting across the path or chirping birds perched overhead singing songs as you enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.


Get your cowboy or cowgirl on and ride a horse through the beautiful scenery of The White Mountains. Ride up to the ice caves for some cold fun, explore over meadows by riding in creeks and streams, go deep into forests without getting lost! If you’re feeling adventurous take off down Mesa Overlook for an incredible view from above. If you are looking for a real estate agent in Pinetop Lakeside who can help you find property for your horses then give us a call today.


The Pinetop Lakeside area is the perfect place to enjoy fishing. There are lakes, rivers, and streams that can be fished in every direction!

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert angler who knows their fly from their lures; there’s plenty of fishing to be had around these parts. The Pinetop Lakeside area has so many different bodies of water where you can fish from mountainsides to serene coves surrounded by tall Pine trees.


The Pinetop Lakeside area is a golfer’s paradise with some of the most beautiful courses in The White Mountains. Pinetop-Lakeside offers not one but several different options when it comes to finding your perfect spot on the greens! Whether you want an easier course or something more advanced, there’s no shortage with so much variety here. You can find everything from 18 hole championship level courses to 9 holes executive layouts just around every corner – each offering their own unique style of play as well as stunning surroundings along every fairway. If you are looking for a golf course home contact a Pinetop Lakeside Realtor.


Pinetop Lakeside is a wonderful destination for camping enthusiasts who are looking to explore the vast wilderness of Colorado. The region has something for everyone, from lakefront campgrounds with amenities such as electricity and showers all the way up to backcountry campsites deep in nature that require hiking or biking over rugged terrain just so you can pitch your tent. There’s no better place than Pinetop Lakeside if you’re ready to get away from it all.

Wildlife and Nature

The White Mountains are home to a wide variety of habitats, from lakes and juniper grasslands to spruce-fir forests where you might catch sight of Gray Jays or Blue Grouse. If lucky enough, spot the Three-toed Woodpecker as they thrive on dead trees left behind by natural fires from years past. Listen closely for that distinctive call in search for food – maybe even see an elusive bear while out on your hike. The Pinetop Lakeside area offers the perfect environment for nature and wildlife lovers to spot an abundance of all that mother nature has to offer.


Pinetop Lakeside is a city where every hunter can find the perfect hunting trip. With numerous big-game species, including deer and elk, to choose from as well as an abundance of small game animals like rabbits and ducks; Arizona hunters will never be disappointed on their hunt.

ATV and Offroading

Pinetop Lakeside has so many trails for dirt bikes, ATVs, and Jeeps that it is difficult to even decide where to start. You can take a leisurely drive through the scenic countryside or go on an adrenaline-filled ride over huge boulders off of Mount Baldy as if you were in The Dalles Canyon!

Pinetop Lakeside offers some of the best terrain with its breathtaking views and endless variety of side by sides, ATVs, Jeep’s and motorcycles. Once at Pinetop lakeshore there are miles upon miles worth of different terrains available from easy drives up winding mountain roads all while taking in gorgeous panoramic vistas. These views will have you wishing you’d never have to leave. As a matter of fact you don’t! You can contact a top agent and make your dreams a reality.

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