Clients looking to move to Northern AZ?

Earn a 25% commission


Hey there I'm Josh!

If you have a client or know someone looking to move to Northern Arizona, I'd love to be their realtor, and in exchange give you a 25% first time referral fee.

As a full-time Associate Broker with West USA Realty covering Northern AZ I've learned how valuable it can be to help others out (especially during times like these.)

I love working with other agents and professionals from all around Arizona!

In exchange I'm offering a first time 25% Referral fee and in addition I'd be happy to refer any buyer/sellers your way.

Let us help each other!

I believe I could be of value to your business (and vice versa) and would love to work with you. If you have any questions please feel free to email, call, text, or fill out the form and I'll be in touch.

Thank you for treating my client like family. Looking forward to sending more referrals your way!

Judy - Realtor - West USA

Know someone looking to buy/sell in the following areas?

  • White Mountains
  • Flagstaff
  • Prescott
  • Payson
  • Pine/Strawberry
  • Heber-Overgaard
  • Show Low
  • Pinetop-Lakeside
  • Greer
  • Happy Jack

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