Who is the Best Payson AZ Realtor

April 28, 2020

Who is the best Realtor in Payson AZ?

A good real estate agent knows what to do each step of the way, but is more reactive than proactive. If something goes wrong, I'll stick with it until the problem is solved, where a great realtor might get it solved faster or might not have had the problem in the first place. A good realtor is there for you, cares, gets the job done, and educates you. But...

What separates a good realtor from the best?

The best realtor makes you feel completely taken care of. I'll make you feel like I'm going to go above and beyond for you because that's the reality. I'll get back to you quickly, always calling you before you call me because it's important to me. You get a sense of the focus, drive, and passion that I have. I'm preternaturally proactive. When you hire me, you feel like you can relax. I won't fawn over you, instead, I'll take you in hand and get things done.

What are some other traits that make me the best in the Payson?
Willingness to prospect for business EVERY day
Prioritizing time to top tasks
Staying up to date on the Payson AZ Real Estate market with cutting edge technology
Knowing when to say NO to unprofitable business: buyers and sellers
Learning that "no" when requesting business is that much closer to a "YES"
Understanding it's a people business
Understanding Payson AZ home prices and how to accurately price your home
Having an actual business plan that includes a digital marketing strategy, not just sticking a sign in the ground, and listing it on the MLS.
Knowing the emotional reasons why you want to excel...it's not the money
Acknowledging that I'm NOT the center of the universe
Genuinely wanting to HELP people
MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: "I treat others as you would be treated!

Takeaway: Like anything in life, if you can afford better, then life is easier, less complicated, less stressful. But you have to check references to find out if the agent you're considering has those traits or not. Don't be shy about doing your research on this. Selling your home isn't stressful until there are problems. And problems can arise with the wrong realtor, making it one of the most stressful experiences many people say they've ever gone through. The best real estate agent can mitigate those stresses better than a good agent. But it's a qualitative difference that's hard to measure. So no amount of "awards" from a newspaper that you advertise in, can qualify you as the "Best Payson AZ Real Estate Agent", but if you ask me who that is, of course, the answer is easy.

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